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Creating shortcut icons to core activities

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    Creating shortcut icons to core activities

    If you right click on the desktop, and then click on view, you get a submenu where you can hide or show the icons on the desktop. Is there anyway I can create a shortcut to this option?
    Also create a shortcut icon to the "auto hide the taskbar" in the "taskbar and navigation properties"?

    people might find these useful.

    It is possible to create a shutdown and a sleep short cut on your desktop, which you can pin to your taskbar to make the computer shutdown sleep in Windows 8.

    Shutdown = C:\Windows\System32\shutdown.exe /s /t 0
    sleep = C:\Windows\System32\rundll32.exe Powrprof.dll,SetSuspendState Sleep
    %windir%\System32\shutdown.exe /l
    restart = %windir%\System32\shutdown.exe /r /t 0

    I like this, thought somebody else might .

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    Okay, I am a quadriplegic which means my hands are paralysed. Everything that I can automate, helps me.
    I am able to do the first two methods, the normal method of hiding and showing the icons. I try to use the batch files, but they just made my I have Windows 8.1 professional, Dragon NaturallySpeaking 13 premium edition, with speechstart + and KnowBrainer, running on a Dell XPS 18 Touch Screen 3 1ghz i7 8GB 500GB +SSD cache Desktop Tablet 18", unusable. He just went to a blue background type screen, with no taskbar or anything for me to click on, and change the situation. The only way I was able to remedy this, was restart the computer, which I thankfully could do through my speech recognition.
    One of the bonuses of using speech recognition is, I don't actually have to be able to see something on the desktop to say "start whatever program" and it start. It will run the program whether they are seen or not seen, even if other applications are open over the desktop. This would mean that if the batch files worked, I would be able to unhide my icons on the desktop, even though I couldn't see the icon to click on. Batch file seems a very good way to go, if only they would work LOL
    I don't know how I could use the commands I have already used in my other examples, as they refer to an EXE file for shutting down the computer. I cannot find such a file for hiding and hiding icons in the Windows 32 directory. Is there such a file?
    Any suggestions welcome. Tremulous Tetra.
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    I have just found a great solution to the taskbar.
    Just right click on the taskbar, and then click options. Click auto hide taskbar (which I already knew about). This will do what it says on the can, automatically hide your taskbar. Retrieving it, on a touchscreen computer can be very difficult, with the mouse you just pull the cursor down to the bottom of the screen and it pops up. However, there is a shortcut "Windows key+T". That works a doddle :-D
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Creating shortcut icons to core activities
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