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AV software - Where can I get unbiased review? (v Defender

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    AV software - Where can I get unbiased review? (v Defender


    Where can I find an unbiased review comparing the various AV software with Windows Defender?
    (e.g. Macafee, Norton, Kaspersky, AVG, BitDefender, Trend Micro Titanium, G Data Total Security, Webroot SecureAnywhere, Vipre, F-secure, Zone Alarm Pro Antivirus, Panda Global Protection, Avast! Free Antivirus... etc. )

    ...Do I need ANY of these on Windows 8.1 if I am using Window Defender + MBAM ?

    I have just reinstalled my PC completely. I have re-instated my data from a PC that was infected with malware. So I think I need a better anti-virus software. I was using AVG + Malwarebytes. And then Windows Defender + MBAB.

    AVG never found anything. Malwarebytes was much better. Windows Defender is hard to see what is going on. And I keep getting messages from Teamviewer (remove control) saying that it is worried that the PC is not protected...

    With Windows Defender being free there is a strong suspicion that it will not be as good as other systems. I do not want to pay more than GBP 50 / year absolute max. I would be happy with something free/open source if it was good. Also I do not want anything that will slow my PC down too much.

    I am told that you should only have ONE anti-virus software running at a time, plus something for malware. A lot of people seem to favour MalwareBytes AntiMalware plus something... Btw, I am based in the UK.

    Any thoughts?

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    I don't have a great example of a free or cheap AV solution, but I always employ two products...just not two with active scanners at once. Malwarebytes is my go to on-demand scanner. I use the free version, and use it as a second opinion. ESET is what I use for my computers, but I'm using licenses I get from my company account.
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    Windows Defender, Malware Bytes Anti Malware Pro and Malware Bytes Anti Exploit free are what I use.
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    There are tons of freeware, which are actually better then paid, because they contain less bloat-ware.
    WinDefender has detection 80% vs 99% all others, it is designed to detect the most common viruses.

    AV-Comparatives Comparatives & Reviews - AV-Comparatives

    Test antivirus software for Windows 8 - February 2015 | AV-TEST
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ztruker View Post
    Windows Defender, Malware Bytes Anti Malware Pro and Malware Bytes Anti Exploit free are what I use.
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    I use Trend Micro Internet Security on my PC
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    Well several of the magazines still do comparisons.
    I personally use Norton IS as primary and Malware Bytes Pro, they seem to work well together and I have no issues on my Win 7 or win 8.1 computers. I would never trust my computers to freeware. My users can make mistakes, I can make a mistake Norton has always bailed me out when this happens. My users are trained to check out every warning before clicking.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ztruker View Post
    Windows Defender, Malware Bytes Anti Malware Pro and Malware Bytes Anti Exploit free are what I use.
    What I don't understand is why anyone is still using Windows Defender, when all the reviews I've seen seem to give it terrible scores.
    Test Microsoft Windows Defender for Windows 8 | AV-TEST
    This site gives Defender a score of "0.0" out of 6.
    What am I missing?
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    Just because an AV program is FREE, does not mean it's any less effective than the paid version. The scan engine is the same and so are the detection files. The only difference is all the bells and whistles that may even include a Firewall.

    I'm referring specifically to the program I use myself and install for all my Computer Customers. (I'm a Computer Specialist, operating my own PC business now for 35 years.)
    The program I use is AVG 2015 FREE. To back it up with good Anti-Spyware protection, I use both Spybot Search & Destroy and Super Anti-Spyware. Both have FREE versions.

    There is NO ONE program that's going to completely protect you against Malware. I'm not sure what MalwareBytes is supposed to do, because it's NOT specifically an AV program and also doesn't find and remove a lot of spyware and tracking cookies.
    So anyone using only that one program is in for a rude awakening, sooner or later.

    As with many programs, "AVG 2015 free" needs some custom tuning after the initial install.
    I always go into 'Options' and then 'Advanced Settings' and then 'Scans' and set the scanner to scan for Everything.
    Then I go into 'Schedules' and set the scanner to ON (it's OFF by default) and then set the schedule to "Everyday" at say 12PM.
    Then set the updater for like 11AM. You always want to get your updates prior to doing your scans.
    Without doing the above.... AVG will never perform a Virus Scan on your PC unless you do it manually, which most people will never do.

    I don't let Super Anti-Spyware (SAS) run in the background, but I get updates and run a manual scan at least once a week, or after going to any questionable web sites, (sites I'm not really familiar with). SAS is the only program I have that will find and delete all the "Tracking Cookies" that you can collect doing web searches.

    Good Luck and stay SAFE!

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    I was using AVG Free a couple of years ago, but when I did get infected nothing I could do could get it to notice the various malware that were thundering into my computer according to various other software utilities. Since then I have avoided AVG Free.

    For Cookie deletions I use CCleaner on a manual basis regularly. It's very good at deleting all manner of temporary stuff that often seems to clog up browsers...
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AV software - Where can I get unbiased review? (v Defender
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