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Paging file and GTA problems

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    Paging file and GTA problems

    So since the day I got my PC(Little over a year), I've had this problem with the paging file. The paging file would constantly make my disc at 100% usage all time. Making my PC insanely slow. I found out how to fix this problem, which is disabling the paging file. But, a month ago I bought GTA 5 and heres are where I got a big problem. When I play GTA 5, at random I get a Low memory warning, makes GTA crash and I have to restart my PC cause it black screens.
    Now I went and enabled the paging file for a few hours and played GTA with absolute no problems(was very laggy), but my disc usage was always at 100%. I know that if I left my paging file on it would destroy my HDD over time. I do understand that this is a memory leak and is possible that this is purely GTA. But I've also seen it happen with Minecraft and Euro Truck Sim 2 in the past. Not sure if it was the same thing as I do not have these games anymore.
    I loaded various amounts to the paging file each time I turned it on (8GB-20GB)

    PC Specs that are relavent:
    8GB RAM
    GTX 750 Ti 2048MB VRAM
    1TB HDD
    i5 4440 @ 3.10GHz

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    Hello there Consolee.Have you tried,setting pagefile to a static size?In other words,give it an initial and a maximum size of,lets say 4096...Do restart,even if not prompted to...
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    Set the page file to normal then try doing a Clean Boot to see what if the constant disk activity to occurs. If not then follow the instructions to isolate the cause.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ztruker View Post
    Set the page file to normal then try doing a Clean Boot to see what if the constant disk activity to occurs. If not then follow the instructions to isolate the cause.
    I have done this and the problem still persists even when in a clean boot. But I have found something interesting whilst looking at my task manager for a few minutes. It seems to switch between different Windows processes. Where as before when I originally disabled the paging file in the first place, the 100% usage was always from Service Host: Network Service (Network Restricted).
    And after a few minutes it seems to stop for an hour only to start back up.

    Some pictures:
    Gyazo - e01f69756976239ce2c2c540f814ea5a.png
    Gyazo - b679113d8f99f8c3bf7fb81f7722e522.png
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Paging file and GTA problems
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