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Recycle Bin keeps refreshing and I need my images back!

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    Recycle Bin keeps refreshing and I need my images back!

    Quote Originally Posted by MyJeezy View Post
    I had deleted some items and decided to restore them.

    When I open the recycle bin, I can see the files for about 2 seconds and then it seems the system crashes and refreshes/restarts. As soon as it opens, the little blue circle is there spinning.

    I tried pinning a Recycle Bin tile to the tile screen and it does the same thing, whether I am in desktop mode or tile screen.

    I have tried clicking on "restore all files" quickly when the Recycle Bin is open, but nothing is operable.

    I have rebooted, I have checked for updates, and cannot fix it as of yet.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    I am having the same problem, it started two days ago, I accidentally deleted a folder with images/videos in that I had just organised. I then went to my recycle bin and it just keeps crashing/refreshing my desktop. It won't allow me to do anything.
    I have tried Recuva and I can not guarantee that it has recovered all of my images so I don't want to empty my recycle bin or delete it.
    Does anyone know why it is doing this?
    Is there anything I can do to stop it but keep all of my images?

    Thanks, Rosie
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Recycle Bin keeps refreshing and I need my images back!
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