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Asus laptop screen flickering issues

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    Asus laptop screen flickering issues

    Hi guys,
    For about 5 months now I've been putting up with my laptop having screen difficulties as I've just been connecting it up to a external screen using a VGA cable. The basis of my situation is that anything displayed on my laptop screen doesn't display the right colours - they all have a gray tinge to them and it frequently flashes when i try to alter the screen (move it up and down). I've tried many things to resolve my issue (fn+C for asus splendid technology to alter the display, adjusted the screen graphics, adjusted the intel graphics) I've been floating around different forums and they haven't been able to help.

    The laptops gray flickering tinge does NOT transfer onto my external screen, It's NOT always like this, the screen doesn't start having difficulties with colour until i alter the screen (move it up or down) or start running various programs/games. The laptop itself is about 2 years old and the warranty has run out so i cannot use it. I'm aware it could be a internal graphics card issue as the screen flickers when I move the screen.
    On a side note; around 5 months ago i connected a new Samsung screen (which i am now using), around that time this issue started occurring.

    I'm just wondering if there's something i can try before I need to take it to someone to repair it for me.

    Thank you very much.

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    Lose cable. If you are comfortable talking your laptop apart then go ahead. and try re-seating the cable connections, secure them tightly to the connections, if that doesn't work then determine from there weather you need a new cable or screen.
    If you do not feel comfortable talking it apart then take it to a local shop.
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    Tonight I've pulled apart my laptop (Asus F550c), the cables were quite fine and looked right. I then opened my screen case and found the issue. there's a "don't touch" on the bottom on the screen which stretches out quite far, every time you push it the screen flickering stops but then it continues once you stop the pressure. I didn't go further then this so if anyone knows if the "don't touch" is the issue then help would be appreciated thanks.
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Asus laptop screen flickering issues
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