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is there a fix for these... strange windows things?

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    Windows 8.1 x64

    is there a fix for these... strange windows things?


    i'd like to change the tooltips for video files
    cause for webm it doesn't show the length
    for mp4 and vob it doesn't show the date
    and windows still doesn't seem to know
    what a flash video is...

    i looked all over the registry and i couldn't seem to find it...
    does anyone know where it is?

    does anyone know how to keep windows
    from changing the dates on the folders?
    it seems all i need to do is open a zip file
    or move a folder into another
    and windows will change the date...

    i gave up on windows compressed folders a long time ago
    cause windows would change the date on every file...
    but peazip does it right so there must be a way...

    any ideas?

    and does anyone know how keep internet explorer
    from loading the page wanting me to set it up
    as the default browser every time i use it?

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    First google search for internet explorer change default home page.
    Change your home page in Internet Explorer - Windows Help
    for changing the data stamp no clue. I believe you are talking about the modified data stamp it gives it's self when you make a change to it.
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    and does anyone know how keep internet explorer
    from loading the page wanting me to set it up
    as the default browser every time i use it?
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    Windows 8.1 x64

    thank you...
    i finally clicked the no thanks button
    when the ie page popped up and it went away...
    went to the advanced tab and saw the box was unchecked...
    i only use it for opening mht files i saved
    it's really fast and light
    when you don't use it for anything else...

    i might have to live with windows 8 changing the
    modifed accessed dates every time i do something...
    the files themselves are more important...

    windows 8 is so touchy on this...

    is there a way to keep internet explorer
    from using the internet
    and only use firefox?
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is there a fix for these... strange windows things?
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