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Don't want to use facial recognition.

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    Windows 8

    Don't want to use facial recognition.

    First question... Has there been ANY "Windows 8" users who actually liked it?

    I had "7" on my last laptop and I can't believe they screwed this up as badly as they did.

    It's like they said, "Look at all the colorful boxes. Sure, we made it almost impossible to get to where you want to go by using "8" but it's pretty, right?"

    All these apps which I don't give a damn about and those "Unlucky Charms" curdled my milk and got stuck in my craw. It looks like something a kindergarten teacher would design to try to get the kids interested in what she's talking about and they just go back to shooting spitballs.

    O.K., I'll cut this rant short. ( I could go on for days.)

    I messed up and turned on facial recognition. Hated it! Can I somehow change it so I can click on a box with my name on it and type in a very short password? (Remind you of anything on Windows 7?) I don't have anything on my PC that I wouldn't let anybody see. I just don't want my wife to change any settings.

    "Windows ME" is starting to look real good about now.

    Any help you can give me may keep me from having a mental breakdown.

    Thank you,

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    I feel your pain. But as I understand it, Windows itself does not have facial recognition - if you have it, it's a "feature" installed by the computer manufacturer. What it's called and how to disable it depends on the brand of computer.

    Have you updated to Win 8.1? If not, you really should. It restores the start menu (well, kinda does). I've also turned off the feature that makes the charms appear when you hover near a corner of the screen, and set my laptop to boot directly to the desktop without a password.
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    Then add a Start Menu program like Classic Shell (free) or Start8 ($4.99) from Stardock. Then you have a very good and quick OS that looks and feels like Windows 7 but also has the Windows 8 features which you can use or ignore.
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    Windows 8.1

    I love Windows 8. I am currently running 8.1 and it is very fast, clean and unobtrusive to my work. A very nice OS all around.
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    Get a start menu replacement like the free Classic Shell as Ztruker said, then you can ignore the start screen and charm bar.
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Don't want to use facial recognition.
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