I turned on my Dell Inspiron 15 laptop this morning. I had created a Dell backup disc last night in which was on a DVD, and was still in the drive when I booted up this morning. It began the 'installing new apps, almost ready, don't turn off PC...etc" and then says 'Let's Go' and then nothing happens. Black screen, OR it will go to my same old Microsoft Account sign in, I sign in and I keep getting this press CTRL ALT DELETE or Windows Security button to login. I log in with my password and it will not go to desktop or do anything else. Just keeps switching back and forth. I was able to get to the "Shut down, task manager...etc" and I click on task manager and still nothing happens. Last night I was messing with the screen's resolution. I don't know if this has something to do with it? I had read to hook it up to another monitor but I still get the same thing on the TV screen when hooked with HDMI cable. So I don't think it's the monitor? I also read something about a 'bootmgr' file? Please someone help me, this laptop is driving me absolutely insane. I was also messing with the MMC, in which I can't change user accounts because I'm on a 'domain'? Maybe I'm asking too many questions in one post but I need just a nice, clean reinstall factory setup to download to a USB and go from there. I can boot to UEFI/Legacy mode and I have no idea what to do from there. I have NO options of 'factory restore', and I don't know how.