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Prevent deleting files permamently on SD card ?

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    It's kind of problem for me to use the cloud.. I'm concerned for my privacy. Besides, I installed in the SD some programs for there's only 32GB HDD, 13GB used by the OS, 16 by other programs and files which i need to open frequently.,. Leaving me with 4GB in the HDD and they are going and fading away..

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    Do not give anyone your log in credentials, strong password, the Cloud drive is secure. If this is a tablet, there is not much you can do, other than place stuff on the SD card. You should be able to use a 128gb. They are running around $100 on
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    Quote Originally Posted by broe23 View Post
    Alpha actually with a Raspberry Pi, you can make the SD card a fixed unit.
    It was Windows to go that was an issue for me. It won't use a USB thumb drive if its flagged as removable media. Some USB thumb drives are coded as fixed disk, the ones Windows To Go certified for example. I also had some Sandisk thumb drives flagged that way. They were too small for Windows to go though. I have a Kingston HyperX 64 GB USB 3 drive I wanted to use for Windows To Go but it rejects it. Then it allows me to install to a junky old 5400 RPM laptop spinner drive in a USB 2 enclosure? It just irks me. I tried all kinds of things to try and make Windows To Go treat the thumb drive as fixed but eventually just gave up. I just let the Pi do its thing. I'm sure the OS can ignore the flag on the drive and treat it as it wants.
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Prevent deleting files permamently on SD card ?
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