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PAE boot mode hasn't changed anything

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    PAE boot mode hasn't changed anything

    PAE of course is supposed to enable 128 gb of ram to be used by Windows. I've gotten the patch and followed the tut here
    Access to more than 4GB of RAM on 32bit Windows 8 (x86) | Windows OS Hub
    to get it to work. Everything went correctly, but when I boot into PAE mode, nothing has changed.
    As you can see, Windows (and CPUZ) recognizes the 5GB. But I can still only use 3GB. I know my processor is PAE Supported
    because I ran the coreinfo utility and it said it supports PAE, and my processor is a Pentium 4 540 HT which is PAE supporting by default. I just dont know why its working. Do I have to enable it in the BIOS or something?
    I have an HP DC5100 MT(2004 model)
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    Looks to me the issue is with the 32-bit version of Windows. Also, some computers simply can't deal with PAE/Physical Address Extension, have a Dell Inspiron 700m Centrino that can't run Linux Mint 15 or later, had to go with Linux Mint 13. Seems the Centrino part is the issue.
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    Given that you are using a dated computer, my suggestion is to either use this as an excuse to upgrade.

    If that isn't an option, then why not just install the x64 version of Windows 8.1?
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    it is a x86 processor so x64 OS is out.. being an older system the BIOS may not support 8GB of ram..
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    Windows 8.1 Pro x64

    Ah, good catch. It's been a while since I used a P4, so I forgot they weren't x64 compatible.

    In that case, to the OP, if you want to use 4 GB or more, you'll be looking at building/buying a new computer.
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PAE boot mode hasn't changed anything
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