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Deleted wrong upper and lower filters :-/

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    Deleted wrong upper and lower filters :-/

    After having months of problems, my girlfriend finally got a replacement PC sent to her, but I've only gone and messed it up and now I'm in big trouble!

    Upon arrival, the disk drive was not being recognized and wouldn't even open. I researched this and found it was a common problem, so attemted all the online fixes without success. Then, in another attempt, I STUPIDLY deleted the wrong upper and lower filters and now windows won't start at all.

    Being a brand new computer there is no restore point to work from and, like I said, the disk drive won't even open to boot from disk!

    So, is there any way I can fix the damage? All I can think of is borrowing and external disk drive and a copy of the CD, but I was hoping there might be a simpler way I can do this before the girlfriend comes home and kills me!

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    deleted the wrong upper and lower filters
    Where did you do the deletion?

    If the computer hasn't had much added to it you could do a Factory Restore. How you do that depends upon the brand and model name and number, check that companies Web site.
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    It was very silly to do but as the filtres weren't showing in the advised file I scrolled down a couple of files and deleted the upper and lower from there.

    Going back in to the regedit through the command prompt screen shows them being back there though, which seems a little odd.

    As this was the first time starting the computer from the box a factory restore would be great. Trying to research how to do that now.
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Deleted wrong upper and lower filters :-/
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