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Why would I want to switch to Windows 10?

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    Why would I want to switch to Windows 10?

    So far I have really not seen anything impressive with Windows 10.

    They seem to be doing away with a lot of things I like about Windows 8.1 including the charms bar.

    I have been so enamored with Windows 8.1 especially on a touch device, I have all be
    abandoned my desktop PC and have two Windows 8.1 tablets that I mainly use.

    Are we going to be required to move to Windows 10? If I decide not to, what will I be really missing out on?

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    The question is: Why not? Basically, it is just a service pack for 8.1. It has Directx12, which is supposed to increase your hardware speed significantly. Even, if you are not a gamer, it will improve things like HD. But to be honest, as I was testing 10, it was getting slower and slower with each build, we will see.
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    Windows 8.1 x64

    what happened to 9?

    i found a link saying they're giving it away for free
    Microsoft will fight Windows 10 piracy by giving it away this summer (update) | In depth | Softonic

    as a free upgrade... i wonder if it's real?
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    9 morphed into 10.

    10 is okay and I like it but 8.1 is as good or better for me. They are making lots of changes to the way you do things, like the Control Panel is gone and everything is moved into Settings (PC Settings on 8.1) which you can't access if you have UAC disabled. Not a show stopper but annoying for me.

    I find it quick and so far solid. I just upgraded to build 10074 on my Dell 15R laptop and it runs really good on it. I also run it in a VM under Windows 8.1 and it runs well there too. That's what I suggest you do as well. Install Oracle VirtualBox or VMWare, join the insider program and install the Windows 10 Technical Preview in a VM to play with.
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    Windows 8.1 x64

    UAC... those are those annoying messages
    that keep you from doing things?
    i turned mine off too...

    maybe they'll be a workaround...
    might be worth a try if it's faster on videos...

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    Windows 8.1

    American car makers used to change some major aspect of the exterior of their car every year ..... change for change's sake. TThen, they learned from the Asians that if something sold well, leave it alone (with minor improvements each year), until sales start to drop. I don't believe in change for change's sake but in accumulation/refinement . Classic cars, guitars etc do not change but stay their well-liked and "perfect" selves. Moving something from Control Panel to Settings will only confuse and aggravate people (unless it improves things significantly ). It took MS decades to accumulate a number of useful GUI's ....... then they threw most of them out with Win 8 ....... if 10 loses as many easily accessible interfaces relative to 8 as 8 did relative to 7, we all will be using the Command Line to do everything.
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    Ugh, don't get me started with Asian (Japanese mostly) car manufacturers. While I was working in spare car parts industry, I used to get new parts specs every few month while for American and European cars most parts stayed same for years.
    Since Win 95, windows did not change too much and most changes are made pretty gradually, I never had to chase anything new more than few moments and always switched to new version as soon as HW allowed. Starting with beta and even alpha (in case of Win8) versions helped somewhat.
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    Windows 8.1

    To the OP. The Charms thingy is my least favorite aspect of Windows 8, what do you like about it?
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    Windows 8.1 Pro x64

    It's free, so that's a big point right there. It's also quick and seems very stable already. I'm a big fan of the hybrid start menu/start screen. Not everyone is running 8.1 on a touch screen, and the same will be said about Windows 10. Did I mention it's free?
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    Windows 8.1

    It's free
    As you are mainly using a tablet I don't see many benefits of 10, the UI is not as nice as 8

    I will be getting it as it's free, but I think its a downgrade from 8, which for me works much nicer for the mouse/keyboard/touch combination
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Why would I want to switch to Windows 10?
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