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Vertical spacing issue between 'this pc' and 'libraries'

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    Vertical spacing issue between 'this pc' and 'libraries'

    Hi everyone,

    I registered purely to post this as it's driving me mad, hoping someone else might have noticed it or have a fix!

    I open explorer, you get in the navigation pane:

    This PC

    Ok, so I want to remove Favourites because its a waste of space. I can right click in navigation pane or go 'view > navigation pane' to remove the favourites, doesn't make a difference which method.

    Now all looks ok, favourites disappears, vertical spacing is fine. However, on re-opening an explorer window, libraries are suddenly squashed up next to this pc for some unknown reason. If I then put favourites back, close and re-open explorer, vertical spacing is fine again.

    Basically, I can't remove favourites without it messing with the spacing, so I have to leave it in for now. I've run sfc.exe from cmd prompt but didn't come up with any errors. You'll notice I have used winaero to remove the folders from 'This PC' so maybe the problem lies there, not 100% sure though how to get explorer back to stock other than sfc.exe.

    1) Explorer default

    Click image for larger version

    2) Favourites removed

    Click image for larger version

    3) Explorer re-opened

    Click image for larger version

    Has anyone else had this issue? Thanks.

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    Hello SC, and welcome to Eight Forums.

    Did you use a method in the tutorial below to remove Favorites?

    Favorites - Add or Remove from Navigation Pane in Windows 8

    If so, see if restarting explorer or the computer afterwards may sort it if it's just a glitch.
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    Thanks for the reply. I was a member of the windows 7 forums previously and found a lot of the tutorials most helpful!

    I tried options 1 & 2 already. Even after a restart of explorer and a full pc restart, the spacing issue persists (as in my 3rd image in original post).
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    One option would be to turn off show libraries(that's what I do) because if you leave the This PC tree open it shows the libraries too.
    Click image for larger version
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    The folder under 'This PC' aren't libraries though. I have loads of libraries but have to leave that old fashioned looking 'Favourites' on display purely because of a spacing issue.

    I have tried the same thing on a completely different windows 8.1 pc with identical results, remove favourites, close and re-open explorer and libraries is squashed up against this pc.
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    Mine is always that way, even with Favorites showing, always has been too.

    Click image for larger version
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Vertical spacing issue between 'this pc' and 'libraries'
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