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Perplexing Mouse Issue

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    Perplexing Mouse Issue

    I have been experiencing some really odd mouse problems since last night which do NOT appear to be hardware related. I tried Googling for a solution but I'm honestly struggling to even phrase the search in a useful way. Any suggestions would be very much appreciated.

    I am using Windows 8. The mouse is a wireless logitech which I have owned for several years and never had an issue with. It is operating off the plug and play driver.


    ~ I become randomly unable to close, minimize, or resize windows when the window has focus. Clicking on the applicable button in the top right corner does nothing and the button highlight does not appear on mouseover (unless I am focused on the desktop or a different window at which point it works as expected). Clicking the application on the taskbar (minimizing then re-expanding) will temporarily fix the issue as will opening the task manager but the problem recurs quickly. Certain windows, such as the windows help window cannot be closed at all using the buttons in the top right hand corner but only by right clicking and choosing close from the task bar right click menu.

    ~ I become unable to click on a button within a new window or put focus back on that window once lost. This seems to occur primarily with confirmation windows such as the one that appears when attempting to change a setting in windows or download a file through the browser. Opening the task manager temporarily fixes this issue as well.

    ~ Drag and dropping files does not work. I have tried moving files between open windows, moving from the current window to a folder in that window, and moving into the trashcan. The file icon will appear on the mouse cursor and the target location becomes highlighted as expected but the action never occurs.

    ~ Scrolling with the scroll wheel no longer functions in excel or in scrollable lists within a browser window. I am also unable to click on an item within the expanded list and so must use the arrow keys to select the item I want. However, scrolling does function for the page as a whole and in other applications including word and standard windows. I have spent time trouble shooting the issue as if it were excel specific but have had no luck. I have come to believe it is linked to the wider issue.

    No updates, addons, or new pieces of software were installed within two days of the issue first appearing.

    Rebooting the machine has no impact. The touchpad also does not function even with the USB mouse removed.

    In an effort to solve the problem I have run a virus scan and installed all available software updates. However, one microsoft update failed to install. The text I received related to the error was: WindowsUpdate_80070002 OR WindowsUpdate_dt000"‎‏ (1)
    Update is: KB2876415

    I've seen a similar question posted on the microsoft forums but no solution was reported.

    Your help with this extremely annoying problem is very much appreciated. Thank you.

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    Do you have a Restore Point from before the start of the issue? That might be the simplest solution. When I do see really weird problems often the mouse is Logitech. It could be a Windows Update or some malware. You did av scans. Did you do a scan with MBAM?
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    So I seem to have figured it out.

    The scroll wheel (middle mouse button) was jammed down. After wedging it back up and a quick reboot everything went back to normal. Doesn't explain why it was happening with the mouse unplugged but whatever.

    Best of luck in the future.
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    Glad you resolved it.
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Perplexing Mouse Issue
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