My brand new (to me, really a refurb) HP 500-314 frequently fails to wake up from sleep. Sleep is enabled and set to happen after 10 minutes of inactivity, or I often do it manually. It goes to sleep just fine, but often fails to wake up. Both the keyboard and mouse will successfully start the process, but I never regain system control. Power comes on, the mouse light comes on, and the keyboard lights come on, so the system is awake to some degree. The monitor, however, never leaves energy saving mode (i.e. light stays orange), and the keyboard Caps/Num Lock buttons do not toggle their lights.

The problem is very intermittent. I've thought I fixed it with drivers a couple times, only for it to reappear. It seems, though I could be imagining this, to be worse if the computer remains asleep for a longer duration. I've been able to cycle in and out of sleep within a couple minutes twenty times in a row without any problems, but then when I come back the next morning it's unresponsive. On average in normal use, waking probably fails 75% of the time.

The system is like-new, and this problem has been around from the beginning. I've installed antivirus, Firefox, CrashPlan, iTunes, and not a whole lot more. Windows Update is caught up. I did ignore its suggested graphics card driver in favor of the one AMD's tool suggested. To rule out problems with HP's crapware, I did a full reinstall of Windows 8.1, and the problem persisted there. I've updated drivers via Device Manager's automatic check on a few more probably drivers, but (there's a lot of components!) haven't checked every one. I'm confident in the network and video card drivers being current. I'm trying to work with HP support, but all they're working on is resetting to factory conditions..... which were already broken. So I'm not expecting any success there, hence starting the process here where people are actually helpful!

Event Viewer logs don't show anything that strikes me as relevant beyond unexpected restarts (since I have to pull the plug). There are a couple drivers occasionally failing, but not at the right timestamps. (And I'm not sure how to figure out which drivers they are.) Occasionally some network bugs and Apple's Bonjour service failing to schedule ("service continually busy"). Audit events are lost, I assume due to restart. But nothing I'd expect to be related.

I've taken a quick look through the BIOS settings and nothing jumped out at me as being misconfigured. All preinstalled hardware diagnostics are passing.

So I'm at a loss and would appreciate any help! My biggest frustration is almost that I don't know how to debug this. Are there system logs somewhere to analyze, or which device vendor should I be contacting for help, or is sleep just unreliable on Windows 8? That kind of thing! Thanks!