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8.1 lost functionality after involuntary apps update?

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    8.1 lost functionality after involuntary apps update?

    I have an HP Desktop Pavilion 8.1. Been a great work horse for several years. This a.m. I turned it on as normal. I think I logged in first but it's such a habit I can't say but instead of my desktop appearing it went to the whole screen changing colors of the Metro ... sorta colors. And had messages such as DO NOT turn off your pc, ALMOST done, etc as the screen changed colors. It took about 8 minutes? When it was done all I had was a blank black desktop and a grey taskbar. A grey metro start button that does nothing at all. I can do odd things like right click to get the menu to View and Pesonalization but it won't run them. Almost 0 functionality. Running Task manager it reports no processes running and when I click on the USERS tab it lists no users. I was stumped. I got out my recovery stick and put it in. It in a combination will allow boot up to the old familiar desktop. But not every time.

    Right at this moment I have my desktop up and running and the USB Recovery stick is in. I do not know if I take it out if it will boot up normally again without the stick in. One time it did boot regularly and then not. Then it boots with the USB stick in and then not.

    That's why I say WHAT JUST HAPPENED? I run antispyware and malware on a regular basis. Defrag often maybe to a fault. Thankfully I have all my important files backed up but there is so much time and thought put into this pc. I thought once to do a restore from the USB stick. I got into troubleshooting and I can't even find where it says insert a flash to recover. It says CD or Hard Drive. But when I made this USB stick it certainly was one of the options. SO I may not be able even to restore this relatively new machine? Does any brainiac out there have suggestions as to what might have happened and how to rectify this issue. I would be most grateful. jack ":-\\
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8.1 lost functionality after involuntary apps update?
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