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C drive size recommendations

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    C drive size recommendations - New Problem

    Hi all,

    Just got my first W8.1 desktop computer (see my specs).
    Of course I can not add additional HDD internally, due to seal, which would void 3 year onsite service garantee.

    In my specs you can see I have plenty of external drives.

    I am asking due to defragmentation backup image file and such, which might need extra partition space.
    My OS and installed programs now take up about 40 GB.

    The HP desktop has an internal 2TB HDD.
    I would like to partition it in to maybe 2 or 3 parts.
    I know this does not speed things up and such, just like to separate files.
    I never use the standard download, documents, music, etc. folders.
    So, the C drive is just for running the computer and using the software.
    That way it will always be easy for a clean image backup.

    With my old computer I had a separate HDD (300GB - never used it all) for the OS and programs, but that is now unfortunately not an option.

    What would be a good size for the C drive, which will only have the OS and installed software (above average user).
    Any games I will install on a separate internal (I have been told external is not recommended) partition anyway.

    I am not a real gamer, just like to play sometimes and I am still on games 3-4 years old (like the first "Need for Speed" games)

    Thanks for your help guys and gals, Ron
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    San Jose - California
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    Ideal is in between 80~100GB. I have tons of applications installed and it only takes around 40GB.
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    With a 2TB drive to work with, I'd say 150 to 200GB just to leave you plenty of room to grow and play with things.

    I disagree that opening the computer case and adding another hard drive will void the warranty. That is a perfectly normal thing to do. Check with whoever hold the warranty service contract for your computer.
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    I store stuff offline into a NAS & Cloud drive. A 64GB SSD will work. Documents, etc. on a NAS or USB drive. In this day and age of being more mobile, you do not use as much space on a computer, especially a laptop. Because everything is stored off the system for security and loss prevention in case of a fire or other disaster.
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    Ran into a problem

    Hi again,

    Thanks for the info and help, but I ran into a "small" problem.
    I want to partition my 2TB internal drive into:
    128GB for Windows and apps
    800GB for all downloads
    1000-GB for my work (websites and such) already created as W-drive

    It is an "off the shell" HP desktop.
    The HDD already had some partition, like D-drive for recovery (W8.1)
    and 3 other small things (partitions) whatever they are, see the attached image.

    Since 4 partition is the limit (I think that is the problem, since nothing happens after the restart), how can I split the current C-drive (Windows) into my preferred 128 and 800 GB.
    I tried to set the W-drive to Logical, but the software does not show that option, whatever GPT is.

    I am using free version of AOMEI partition software.

    Click image for larger version

    Thanks, Ron
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    San Jose - California
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    8.1x64PWMC Ubuntu14.04x64 MintMate17x64

    Since 4 partition is the limit (I think that is the problem, since nothing happens after the restart), how can I split the current C-drive (Windows) into my preferred 128 and 800 GB.
    1. This is not true. Since your HD is a GPT style disk, you can create up to 128 primary partitions.
    2. First, run defrag on C: then open Disk Management->Right Click on C: ->Shrink Volume.
      NOTE: To get around 128GB for C:, you'll need to subtract 128 from 927 (Your total disk space) = 799
      then multiply by 1024: 799 * 1024 = 818176
      Enter: 818176 into the field:"Enter the amount of space to shrink in MB" then click on shrink. See below:
      Click image for larger version

    EDIT: To get an exact 128GB for C: adjust the above number until you see: 131072 in the text field: Total Size after shrink in MB
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    Thanks, that indeed worked, after a few struggles, until I got the "bright" idea to just also restart the computer after the defrag, because it just stayed defragged, but after the restart defrag was at 0%

    Thanks again, Ron
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    Quote Originally Posted by topgundcp View Post
    Ideal is in between 80~100GB. I have tons of applications installed and it only takes around 40GB.
    Same here, I have tons of applications, Adobe CS6 entire Suite, Office 2013, Nero 2015 Platinum Suite, Cyberlink PowerDVD 15 Ultra, so many other small programs, total usage is 40 GB. I do have the hibernation file turned off though. Page file is at the default 5 GB which Windows allocated
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C drive size recommendations
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