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D Drive Access

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    MS have a live link to my laptop and they are looking at it. Win 8 is in and running but not active. Waiting out ...........................

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    MS is upgrading me to 8.1 pro with WMC. The bill was originally £80+ vat but, for an extra £33 I can have 1 year warranty and free three monthly access and check system for errors etc and, if nec, fix them. It also includes Microsoft Security (£33 on its own) for life. Not sure what program that is but ok by me. Win 8.1 pro is £99.99 on its own.

    Interesting point is that the company Arvato GmbH is nothing at all to do with microsoft and take money and send out pirate copies. My copy of win 8 was such. How I arrived at this was unknown but could have been a fake microsoft url.
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    Um, are you sure your talking to the real Microsoft now? Microsoft Security Essentials, which is now Windows Defender in Windows 8 is free and always has been? What is the "Microsoft Security (£33 on its own) for life." ?
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    I dont know on that, but the tech also seems to be having problems activating 8.1 same as I had with 8. Waiting, they are in my laptop now. edit: 8.1 Pro now activated.

    This is the site I went through:

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    the company doing the upgrade is Micro PC Ltd and tech told me they are in Hounslow, and office in Reading, I arrived at them through the site named above and via an button on installation problems ..................

    Micro PC Support - Experience the Best they do exist

    scannow reports no 'integrity violations'

    I have emailed ms to see if they are the real deal as a lot of companies third party things out.
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    Invoice Date: 20 April 2015

    Micro Pc Support
    TIGOC, Ved Court, Hounslow, Middlesex, TW3 1LS
    VAT Registration Number - 188533176

    they are an accredited support team
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    ref microsoft security, the guy just said no, we give you malwarebytes premium for life, i said i already have it
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    Ok, looks lagit. There are just so many scams on the go I didn't want to se you duped a second time.
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    thanks, appreciate the efforts.
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    th aim of this thread is now resolved, so, I'll 'close' it. Thanks everyone for your sterling and much appreciated efforts.

    Right, onto a new problem on my desktop. hehe!!
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D Drive Access
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