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    Windows 8.1 Issues

    Hello guys

    And thanks for reading my post

    Ive recently taken purchase of a new gaming pc which I built using a website well known in the UK for pc enthusiasts
    I seem to be encountering a number of problems which I think relate directly to Windows 8.1
    The main problem I am encountering is when I have been gaming for a period of time usually +3 hours the game minimises and the right hand menu bar pops out, usually to the settings or search function….. I feel this issue has only started occurring since I updated Win 8.1 approx. 1 month ago, ive updated at every available opportunity since but it hasent fixed the issue. Has anyone recently encountered this? It really is very frustrating

    The PC also randomly goes into hibernation mode which I find strange (not very often but sometimes). I have read this could be down to overheating but the PC is not under much stress at the point of it happening…

    Can anyone help me with this issues?

    For reference my pc consists of:

    Msi lightning 290x 4g
    I5 4690k overclocked to 4.0 GHz
    8 Gig ram
    256 SSD and 1 TB HDD

    The software I have installed which is minimal consists of Avast antivirus, and GPUz to monitor GPU temp


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    Windows 8.1 Pro x64

    The first step in dealing with any strange issues on an overclocked PC is to put everything back to the stock settings.
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    Quote Originally Posted by DeaconFrost View Post
    The first step in dealing with any strange issues on an overclocked PC is to put everything back to the stock settings.
    2nd this you can't trouble shoot anything with your CPU Overclocked. Even with a light load with the overclock you could be over heating. You haven't giving up your temps and or fan speeds. I use Hwinfo64 sensors to see my CPU GPU Loads Temps and Fan Speeds.
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Windows 8.1 Issues
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