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win 8/64 optimise no drive listed

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    win 8/64 optimise no drive listed

    I have a slow win 8/64 system (not 8.1) with one 500gb GPT hdd. When I went to optimise it, no drive was listed, further when I tried the cmd prompt (as admin) defrag c: /a /u /v - it just said optimise and went straight to the basic c:\ prompt, ie didn't do anything. I am using defrag now, but I am curious to know why the win 8 defrag isn't working?

    I have searched for something remotely related to this, but mostly its about SSDs which isn't relevant, but i understand that one doesn't want to optimise SSDs anyway.

    Anyone sorted this issue?

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    Because defrag.exe doesn't do anything in windows 8 x64, only in 32 bit - you have to use dfrgui.exe.

    It should run automatically unless you've deliberately disabled it though. If you click on defrag (not defragment and optimise drives) it will not do anything either. Not sure why it is still shown (the second one in the picture I mean) but it is... Habit I suppose.

    Click image for larger version
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    Many thanks for yr help.

    I wasn't aware of this change - I can see both defrag & dfrgui in the system32 folder. Unfortunately trying to run dfrgui, does what defrag does, ie nothing. Doing a search as you suggested, did not come up with the options as per yr post, all I got was defraggler. I haven't de-activated the service, not intentionally anyway. What still puzzles me is on the C drive tools page, the optimise function shows no drives. This sounds very odd, is this a possible registry error? I have just completed a system refresh (from the recovery partition), to fix some issues.

    Note, Defraggler was only installed after I hit the problems mention in my initial post.
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win 8/64 optimise no drive listed
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