I borrowed a laptop from my Grandmother while my PC is beign repaired.
She got Windows 8.1, and uses only internet, so she don't cares if I change anything.

Since over 15 years I had my taskbar set at left edge of screen, because I find it most convenient location but in win 8.1 it drives me crazy that there is new start button permanently in lower left corner IN ADDITION to one on taskbar (now upper right). When I'm watching movie, browsing the internet or if I want to minimalize to desktop by clicking on lower end of taskbar, this windows logo button appears out of nowhere and instead of having minimalised all apps, I'm at the start screen.

Is there any way to relocate this stealthed button to any other place, or to disable it?
After moving taskbar to left-hand edge of screen, I have 2 start buttons instead of 1.

Short version:
There's hidden start button in win8.1 that stays there even if I move taskbar. I want it gone.

Thanks for help