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Constant Hourglass

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    Windows 8

    Constant Hourglass

    Running Windows 8.1 x64, newest updates as of March.

    Problem that first occurred today.

    There is always an hourglass by my mouse pointer. It never goes away. That doesn't stop applications from running, everything works normally.

    I have rebooted several times to see if that solves it. Right after reboot, the hourglass might or might not be there. But even if not there right after reboot, if I start any app, or open a folder or do anything at all n the computer, the endless hourglass comes back. Then, even if I close all apps and folders, the hourglass is still there.

    Note, when using the mouse as a cursor to edit a document, like within this message, there is no hourglass by it. But when outside of the editing box and the cursor changes to a pointer, the hourglass is always by it.

    It does not hinder the operation of the computer. Yet, it seems to me an indication that something is wrong, which I should try to repair.

    In opening Task manager, I see no unusual apps nor background processes running. In looking at Services, there are no new nor unusual services running. I also ran the Autoruns app from Sysinternals, and see nothing unusual there.

    What could be going on?

    Thank you in advance for any help. :-)

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    Windows 8

    When I had the problem discussed above months ago, it went away after a few days. I don't know what caused it, or what made it go away.

    Since last night the exact same problem came back. Hourglass always on by mouse cursor, except when in a text entry box like this one.

    I did not make any recent changes, did not add any new software, nothing at all. I have the latest May Win 8.1 updates, but that was done a couple weeks earlier. The day before this PC worked normally, but as of lsat night the constant hourglass problem again.

    I look in Task Manager, and see nothing unusual.

    I did a Malwarebytes scan, latest definition updates, it found no problem.

    I did a safe boot, and the problem does not exist in safe boot, including safe boot with networking,.. No constant hourglass in Safe Boot.

    In MSCONFIG I tried Diagnostic Startup. WHen I click Apply, it doesn't stay with that option, but changes to Selective Startup with "Load System Services" checked, but "Load Startup Items" unchecked.. Reboot with that option, and the constant hourglass is back. The only thing that causes it to go away is a Safe Boot, and many things don't work in Safe Boot.

    I don't know that the problem will resolve itself again as it did months ago, so would greatly appreciate any help with this problem.

    Thank you. :-)

    PS I don't think it's relevant, but in case anyone wants to know what kind of machine, it is a Lenovo X230 laptop, running Windows 8,1 x64, again latest updates as of May. (But nothing at all was updated, changed, added, no settings changed, etc., in the last couple days, that could have caused this.) Sometimes the constant hourglass is on immediately on reboot. Other times it is not, but after I have opened a program, a document, etc. (not a particular one, anyone), it starts again, and stays.
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    No suggestions about this. The problem actually went away for a couple days, and then came back today. I cannot figure out the cause.
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    Have you tried uninstalling it in Device Manager then reboot and let re-install?
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Constant Hourglass
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