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trying to resize windows smaller than they allow

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    trying to resize windows smaller than they allow

    I'm trying to find some way of resizing windows smaller than their current limits, I don't know if it's possible (the sizes seem program specific rather than os wide) and due to not having any words to go off besides "resize" and "windows" searching is proving futile. Basically I'd like to make both chrome and photo viewer smaller, their windows are currently limited to about the same width with photo viewer being worse and limited by hight too. is there a way to remove this limit and make them infinitely resizeable, larger than screen resolution could also prove useful.

    any help is much appreciated.

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    You could try my WinDim freeware. It is simple to use. In this case, run it so it is in the Tray. Click the window you wish to size so it is the active window. Hit Winkey and 's' to pop up the sizing dialog.

    You may have better luck sizing larger than the screen res. But many programs will guard against a minimum size that will make it unusable or just look really bad. If the programmer sets it up to handle sizing messages there's not much you can do.
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    Some applications actively monitor resize events and ensure that sizes stay within limits they define. There is no supported way of overriding this. I suppose it could be done with third party software but it would not be simple and I know of none that can do this.

    Typically the application will define the type of window and leave everything else to the user. But an application can exercise as little or as much control as the developer wishes. Applications have the ultimate control over their own windows. Applications may behave in strange and unpredictable ways if there is any attempt at trickery.
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trying to resize windows smaller than they allow
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