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Difficulty renaming/deleting folders (TRY AGAIN or CANCEL)

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    Difficulty renaming/deleting folders (TRY AGAIN or CANCEL)

    OK, I've gotten so frustrated by this that I'm now sufficiently motivated to post on the forum and include screenshots in the hopes of finding a solution.

    Basically, the problem is that when I try to rename or delete folders, I tend to get the following error, EVEN WHEN NOT IN USE!

    Click image for larger version

    I will also get the error when trying to move folders around with Drag/Drop or using Keyboard Shortcuts (CTRL X CTRL V):

    Click image for larger version

    SOMETIMES, I have to cancel and try again later. Sometimes, I can just wait like one minute before clicking Try Again and it will work. And the rest of the time I think, I just give up until a restart. The fact I can sometimes just wait a minute before clicking Try Again and it will work makes me wonder if my hard drive has just become extremely slow????

    These are not folders "in use" as thats the first thing I check everytime, to make sure all the files in them are closed.

    I hope someone can provide a solution to this?

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    I'm wondering if an antivirus program has set itself a little too assertive -- scanning each and every file over and over?
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    I only use the built-in Windows Defender on Win 8.1.
    I've noticed its not restricted to only one drive.. it happens on my primary (SSD) and on my secondary (HDD). Its also quite random, I have a hard time duplicating it consistently.. but usually seems that if I change another folder's name in the directory, then i will get this problem trying to change another folder's name right after.... (although like I said, this issue does not ALWAYS happen...)
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    This is the sort of thing that led me to disable all the thumbnail features in Windows 7, which I've done ever since. Using gpedit.msc, there are four thumbnail-related settings under User->Administration->Windows Components->File Explorer. (In Windows 7, it was "Windows Explorer".)
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    Im on Win 8.1 and Im not sure that thumbnails have anything to do with it... I didnt have this problem a few months ago before doing a fresh install (of Win 8.1). And I definitely dont want to disable thumbs given my line of work in the arts.
    Hopefully other people can chime in and provide some other possible causes/solutions.
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    Have you tried rebooting, and then trying to delete/rename/whatever before you run any software?
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    Yes, I just rebooted. Launched a directory on my second drive, tried to change a folder name and got the infamous windows "ding" and the popup telling me the action cant be completed because the folder is open in another program.

    Hmm, it just occured to me that this possibly started happening after I enabled these folders in the SHARED Libraries so that I could access them from another computer. The other computer is off but I wonder if this might be related... I will disable the sharing to see what happens.

    (although if that solves the problem, then I'll have a new one that I cant share my folders without this issue..) Anyway, let me go troubleshoot...
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    I don't use filesharing myself, but I am pretty sure that shared folders are always considered to be "in use" by Windows.
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    DARN!!! This did not resolve the problem. Its so annoying. I wonder if it has to do with permissions. Sometimes when I open a folder, it takes a while before "folder is empty" dissappears and I see the contents appear. (I'm talking locally now)
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    Here's a solution to the problem, and possibly the ability to see the cause of the problem:

    Go to the website: "LockHunter is a free 64/32 bit tool to delete files blocked by any processes" and get LockHunter.
    Install it. After doing so, Right click the Folder -> What is locking this folder?
    See what is locking it, press the Unlock It! button and then delete/rename the folder.

    Please post back of your results for others to see if this was useful =)
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Difficulty renaming/deleting folders (TRY AGAIN or CANCEL)
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