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Computer Refuses Sleep

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    Computer Refuses Sleep

    Hey people,

    I have a Dell XPS L421X (mid 2012)
    Running Windows 8.1

    Everything is working fine on my laptop since installing Windows 8.1 (upgraded from 7). All the drivers are updated, etc. The only problem is sleep.

    My computer (usually) refuses go to sleep when it's idle, either when plugged in or when running on battery (I said usually because every once in a while it does work, but I can find no pattern; it seems random). The problem started after I installed Windows 8. Note: Manually putting it to sleep works fine.

    The windows power settings are fine. I have reset them several times to default states. It should sleep when idle after 15 min on battery, and after 30 min on AC adapter.

    I checked powercfg -requests and it lists "none" under each section.

    There are no applications or background processes running that I do not usually have running.

    The only clue I have, is a suspicious log entry that keeps popping up:

    Event 30, BTHUSB: The local adapter does not support an important Low Energy controller state. The minimum required supported state mask is 0x1f7fffff, got 0x1f3fffff. Low Energy functionality will be disabled.
    I'm not sure if the above error has anything to do with the problem. I actually have my Bluetooth disabled.... so.

    Anyone have any additional troubleshooting ideas?


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    Computer Refuses Sleep...... because it's not tired.
    I'm sorry, I had to say that. Once I read this subject name in the topics listed, that's the first thing that popped in my head. =)

    I don't know exactly what the problem could be... very likely some program you installed that tends to secretly do its own thing in the background, which keeps your computer busy.

    But if possible, maybe you can enable Hibernation as an alternative. If you don't know much about the Hibernate option: It's very similar to Sleep, yet it shuts off the computer from power (you can unplug your computer from the wall's power source) and everything will stay saved the next time the computer loads up. (You can even take out the battery from the computer, and everything stays saved)

    What Hibernate does: It saves everything you have open, all your programs, everything that's going on in the computer (which is on the RAM physical hardware in the computer) and saves all that information on your Hard Drive (just like how you have documents and music, they're staying on there even if your computer is off).

    So the next time your turn on the computer, Windows loads all that information from your Hard Disk, and puts it back into the RAM, and everything you have open loads up exactly the way you left it.

    Hope this helped.
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    Windows 8.1 x64

    It would be interesting to know the results of powercfg /waketimers ...
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    Thanks Pepanee. I know how hibernate works. It is actually set to hibernate after being in sleep mode for a while. But I would rather solve whatever problem is causing the computer not to sleep, so this is not a solution.

    Cluberti: there are no active wake timers.
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    Windows 8.1 Professional (64-Bit)

    Alright, no problem. Hope someone finds you a solution for the Sleep issue,
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Computer Refuses Sleep
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