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Can I initiate a USB boot process from inside a CMD window

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    Can I run USB installer from inside CMD ?

    I have a Samsung RV-511-S01UK
    i3 380M @2.53Ghz
    6GB RAM
    Nvidia discrete 1GB dedicated

    It came pre-installed with Win 7 x64 and currently runs 8.1 with no issue.

    I tried out the Win 10 TP in a VM and liked what I was seeing... so figured I'd use a spare SSD and clean install the Win 10 TP and see how it runs using my real hardware instead of the emulated hardware in a VM.

    Problem: It will not go past the initial logo screen at boot initiation, regardless of whether I use DVD or USB installer and regardless of build number.... just stops completely at this point which suggests the process is locked out by the BIOS... but in order to discover exactly where it's failing I need to observe the process in action.

    I'd like to try to initiate the install from within a CMD window to see exactly which instruction is failing to try to figure out why the install stops at this point.... but I've never learnt the language of CMD and I have no idea if it's even achievable in real-time or if I could only do so by way of a saved log-file.... so I need help please.

    Questions :

    1. I'm guessing I would need an already installed OS to open a CMD window....?... that a CMD window is part of an OS and not built into the BIOS...?

    2. So can I accomplish a real-time log process of an attempt to install Win 10 TP as a dual system alongside my Win 8.1 and have it do so while the CMD window remains open...? or is that not possible...?

    3. If that is not possible can I create a saved logfile of the attempt to install to dual boot on the seperate partition and retrieve the log from Win 8.1 after failure...?

    4. How do I trace the log file if one is created...?

    I figure it must be possible to debug this install fail by way of logging the process.... so any help to achieve this would be appreciated so that a real answer can hopefully be discovered. Not getting any assistance at all from the 'insider program' over at M$... can't find any human response from their forum


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    You need to create a UEFI boot flash drive, see here: USB Flash Drive - Create to Install Windows 10
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ztruker View Post
    You need to create a UEFI boot flash drive, see here: USB Flash Drive - Create to Install Windows 10
    Hello.... it would seem that you didn't read my post properly..... I've clearly explained that the USB Flash drive has been tried along with DVD and using every different build.

    i wish to log the fail to debug it..... please read carefully.... everything is carefully and properly explained in the OP
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    I did read your initial p[ost. You do not mention UEFI at all and that is the key to your problem I believe. From the tutorial I gave you the link for:

    Using Rufus to create a bootable flash drive:
    Under Partition scheme and target system type, select GPT partition scheme for UEFI computer.
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    Already tried that.... tried everything.... every single possible installer config .... I wish to log the process.... can you tell me how to create a log-file of the fail which happens at exactly the same point regardless of how I try
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    No way to observe the install that I know of. Even if you could start it from a Command Prompt it would run in a window.

    Maybe one of the log files will have some info for you: Windows Setup Log Files and Event Logs
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Can I initiate a USB boot process from inside a CMD window
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