Hi I have a PC with Windows 8.1 on it.
I recently got a blue screen of death with a Watchdog Violation that rebooted my PC. Now it is stuck on start-up saying that it's preparing to automatic repair. I went to several forums and read what people say, however, in my case it's different.
The loading circle keeps sticking up all the time without fail. After about half an hour with it sticking and then going it will then reboot and the cycle continues.
During all of that there are no prompts to do anything, just a black screen with Window's blue logo on it and the "preparing to automatic repair" caption.
I tried unplugging the PC and plugging it back several times, I even put in a boot CD and still there's nothing new happening after the prompt to press any button to use CD/DVD. What can be wrong and how can I fix this?
I am a basic user of PCs so I never went to DOS, if it's required please let me know how to do it.