I recently tried to copy spreadsheet data from a website (a comparison of Car Video cameras) to an Excel 2013 workbook page.
When I pasted the copied data to Excel I got a pop up box asking for my Windows Credentials, and even though I typed in the correct details it would not accept them. I then found out that my Windows Credential Manager was not working. Opening up my Action Centre does not indicate any problems - it also does not state that Credential Manager is not working. Device Manager shows that all devices are working.

I got the following errors messages;
attempt 1 - Credential Manager Error - 0x80070425 The service cannot accept control messages at this time.

attempt 2 - Credential Manager Error - 0x80070425 - an error occurred while performing this action - opening credential manager.

I have searched Microsoft Community "Issue with the Credential Manager." but this has not helped.
All my programs are up to date and multiple virus scans have not shown up any problems either.

Can anyone help get my Credential Manager to start ?