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Explorer not loading all image thumbnails

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    Explorer not loading all image thumbnails

    Suddenly a few days ago, explorer stopped loading all thumbnails in any image folder with more than a dozen or so pictures. It's not even slowly trying to cache them, it just stops.
    It will generally load the first dozen, and if I scroll to the bottom of the folder, the last dozen or so are loaded with everything in between just image icons.

    If I refresh, maybe 1 or 2 extra thumbs load. But strangely, if I delete 1 picture, often many thumbs will load.

    I searched google and this site, but none of the thumbnail issues seemed to be close to mine.

    EDIT: Looks like after rebooting into safe mode and cleaning the thumb cache seems to have fixed the issue. Thank's broe23 for the help
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    Are you doing it from the Metro/Start screen or on the desktop and opening up Windows Explorer? Have you tried cleaning up under Administrative tools, then choosing to also purge the Thumbnail cache?
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    any way I open explorer gives the same issue. I just tried deleted thumbcache from disk cleanup. Unless it requires a restart to be noticable I am still having the issue.
    Edit: figured it out
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Explorer not loading all image thumbnails
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