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Extracting without a zip folder

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    Extracting without a zip folder

    I download files my android and Bluetooth them to my laptop. This saves on my hotspot bill. But some compressed files are not accompanied inside a folder. It's easy to extract a file when it's in a compressed folder, but how, in win 8.1, do I extract a bare file which isn't inside a compressed folder?

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    try installing 7zip on your computer, and seeing if 7zip can extract it 7-Zip

    in file system explorer, click on view (top of screen) and check the box that says show file extension. If the file has an extension of .gz, .tar.gz, .tgz, .7z, or .rar then it is an archive that the default Windows unzipper won't extract, but 7zip will.
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    How big is 7-Zip. If it's bigger than the file I'm trying to decompress, that's a larger hotspot burden than just downloading the original file thru the hotspot hookup.
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    just downloaded 7-zip thru hotspot. only about 1 meg. Thanks.
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Extracting without a zip folder
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