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Run all batch files that exist within a folder?

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    Run all batch files that exist within a folder?


    I recently suffered an SSD failure, but luckily i was able to recover the files using @active's boot disk. The issue is that the files i recovered require that their file names be long, @active saves them as short file names due to DOS limitations, and creates a batch file that i can run to return them to their previous (long) name.

    The issue is i have over 500 folders, and this will take a very long time.

    Is there away to run all batch files in a folder (including subfolders) or is there a way to run all batch files with a certain name? (they are all named !_RENAME.bat).

    Any tips or ideas would be appreciated!

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    See the /R switch in For command for command prompt

    Microsoft Corporation

    The way to get them all would be to put the folders all underneath one folder. Like C:\MyBatches or something.. if they are not already under one root folder. Open a command prompt in drive C: then do
    cd \MyBatches
    for /R %s in (*.bat) do %s

    Edit: Also you can look in the .bat. If it is a simple command to change to long filenames you can do it directly. But since the bats are already there... I would sample a few and make sure there's nothing that looks dangerous like del *.* or anything suspicious.
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Run all batch files that exist within a folder?
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