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    Windows 8.1

    Nostalgia is good for you :O)

    I wonder how many hours were wasted by "apprentice Geeks" playing Tetris and Pacman? I guess it made us faster on the mouse and appear to be smarter than some of those around us? It beat fighting. :O)

    Back to the present: The knowledge and sense of community and past that this technology is bringing us should make us realize that we are "Aw Jock Tamson's Bairns" and so very much like one another.

    Perhaps my dream for computing is that we don't need to make war while we have simple things like "Skype" and can talk it out with a click to see that we are all real and of the same species.

    I look forward to "Virtual Reality" where you can come an visit and I won't have to supply the whisky. :O) However it would be better if we could use it to feed the needy in true reality.

    Perhaps that technology is coming?. I hope the "Geeks" in the future solve this problem instead of just sitting there playing Tetris and future games just to show how smart they are. :O)

    We don't need to go back to Cobol and Basic although it all made me feel smarter at the time. I would just like a simple things such as Windows Outlook Express to stay the same. Can't they see that? :O) Go and develop things that need developed!
    Microsoft, Outlook, and the Geeks of today, are making things less so...
    Perhaps it is fending off Alzheimer's by making me use my brain just to send a letter? or to find people in my address book :O) Like a new Tetris game? where I have to find and mouse things quickly in order to advance. to the next level?:O) Or is it just for me to show my friends that I can do it?

    Then again, we all know it is just to keep the company running and to sell new programs by "obsoleting" the old. They did that with people in "Solient Green" Perhaps I can melt down and eat all the old discs and programs and obsolete hardware that I bought and paid for? :O):O)

    Maybe I just want to send a letter.... I still have a fountain pen with a gold nib. I could go back to that in nostalgia :O)
    Thanks for looking

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    Ah, the inevitable path to the future. In first grade, they wouldn't let me use a gold Parker pen, only ordinary pen and inkwell, "Got to learn basic things first" they said. Used a tablet, real one, made just like small blackboard to "save on paper and fix errors", they said. I have a smartphone but 99% use is same as with stupid phone, used GPS on it once or twice, it ate battery in an hour. But, couldn't find any ordinary phones with such large display so I have to "suffer" with this one. They could make a phone with such large display but without all those other features but with battery that lasts a week, no matter what. All I want is to make phone calls, I can get a GPS for car and a tablet if I need internet on the go.
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    Quote Originally Posted by CountMike View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by md2lgyk View Post
    Found the old Apples tucked away in a file cabinet, and laid them to rest with much ceremony in the dumpster out in the parking lot.
    You might regret it later if not now, those first ones can fetch a good price.
    Yeah, I've thought of that a few times over the years. But at the time didn't even consider the possibility. And besides, I didn't pay for them anyway.
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    Windows 7 Pro 64bit [MS blue-disk set]

    anyone remember playing gorilla within gwbasic? anyone having any such old files & gwbasic, lemmie know, i'd like to add that to my old collection
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Untechnical and Naive.
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