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Leave computer running or shut down

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    I am new to this, I have about 12 years on PCs. I leave them on 24/7.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mikeytg View Post
    I almost never shut down my laptop, I put it sleep mode when I'm not using it. That way it's always ready to go in a few seconds.
    Unless it causes problems, I recommend hibernation overnight. Takes only 30-60 seconds more to come to full desktop.
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    If nothing else, if you shut it down you save money on your electricity bill. And it certainly helps the lifetime of your system - especially the capacitors of the mobo that won't bleed so soon.
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    ...along with slowing [cutting] down some of the countdown of HD spins - the countdown to the eventual end of any/all platter HDs.
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    Quote Originally Posted by whs View Post
    If nothing else, if you shut it down you save money on your electricity bill. And it certainly helps the lifetime of your system - especially the capacitors of the mobo that won't bleed so soon.
    Not to mention the fans running and sucking in dust bunnies 24/7.
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    Every computer I ever owned or used ive always shutdown. I never leave a computer running unless I come back to it right away or have to do something real quick and still wanna use it yet. but for long term or overnight I turn it off.
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    Last ten to 15 years my main computer is running 24/7 and being shut down only if I am traveling and not home more than a day. When I have to do something hardware wise it obviously get's turned off, also when a bad thunderstorm is raging, than it gets unplugged from mains and external cables. Did I mention that it's heavily owerclocked but with good cooling.
    One component can definitely be better off left running on idle, that's HDD because of strain during startups. In that case it's better to set it to "never sleep" or leaving it on all the time is not effective.
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    I would shut it down. Nowadays pc components are very durable but at least the active components like fans and hard disk drives will probably suffer if they run 24/7. Ok, you could get hard disk drives that are made for ceaseless running (server/ nas drives) or exclusively use (expensive) ssd storage but you would still be stuck with higher power bills. So my thoughts are the following: As much as efficiency is concerned, why should my pc run if I don't need it to run? The few seconds I lose if I have to reboot the pc instead of just waking it up from sleep do not really matter to me.
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    Well I shut down my notebook anytime I'm not using it. With SSD it only takes 20 seconds to boot up. and is hard to clean out collected dust. Two of my business computers run 24/7 as I travel I access them remotely, I keep good multiple back ups and heavy duty UPS's
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    Turning desktop computers off reduces the chance of damage from power, spikes, black outs and brownouts. In 30 years of home computing, One hard drive died after a power flicker.
    Laptops have the external power converter, which reduces the chances of power fluctuations damaging equipment.
    In the summer, leaving the PC on wastes energy twice. First to run the PC and second to run the air conditioner.
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Leave computer running or shut down
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