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Your SATA ports need to be set to AHCI also are you sure that your Motherboard support UEFI GPT
Yes. Sabretooth 990FX Gen 2.0. A bit confused as this install was a bit of a rush and time has gone by since I set it up. Yet after re-examining the sys drive, there is an efi part on that disk. This bios has setting to run normal bios or UEFI/bios. I believe the latter setting acts as a hybrid. As to why it shows sys drive as MBR is a bit puzzling and my memory of actions taken for initial install have slipped away. Currently prepping for a wipe/install due to 2 other drives (data) starting to fail and some registry issues I have came across in which I dont have the time for nowadays to suss out any further than what I have, small issues, but nags. Another issue that has become perplexing was noticing memtest reporting my 12800 mem running @800 instead of 1600 (as bios reports 1600). But one issue at a time ya know

Your Ram is DDR2 your reading 800 X 2 =1600 so you have no issues with your RAM

The rush install was due to the last pc being hobbled on last leg after many years and finally "dying" on me, and me giving up on using more duct tape while needing a reliable pc for work related tasks
Yes follow the Tutorial and you will have no issues clean installing UEFI its not like installing MBR so have a look at the Tutorial and save yourself some aggravation and time. https://www.eightforums.com/tutorials/?filter[2]=Installation%20and%20Setup You will need your product key and a 8 GB bootable USB formatted Fat 32