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    Microsoft Store Tech Support

    Curious if anyone has tried this service. Seems like a lot of newbie problems can be fixed here ... and for free.

    Get Free Windows PC Tech Support and Malware Removal at Your Local Microsoft Store

    What You Can Get For Free

    This service is a part of Microsoft’s in-store “Answer Desk” service. Think of it a bit like the Genius Bar at an Apple Store — yes, those Microsoft Stores feel very modelled on Apple Stores.
    The Answer Desk website allows you to choose a nearby store and make a free appointment. Drop in and a “Service Advisor” will offer some free services for any Windows laptop, no matter where you purchased it.
    Free services include “extended diagnostics,” “software repair or support,” “virus and malware removal,” and “PC tune-ups.” For comparison, just the “Virus and spyware removal” costs $199.99 if you go to Best Buy’s Geek Squad instead.
    We recommend against using the Geek Squad, obviously. You can service your computer on your own. But, if you do want some professional help, you can get it for free. And, if you have relatives you live near a Microsoft Store and they ask you to help remove malware from their PCs and make it run faster, you can tell them to take it to a Microsoft Store and have Microsoft do the work so you can avoid the frustration and save your own time.

    There’s always a catch. Microsoft Stores are retail stores where they want to make money, not service locations operated only for the benefit of their customers. They do offer some paid services, and you may be offered these if you go into a store. To be fair to Microsoft, these services aren’t priced absurdly — at $49 each, they’re much cheaper than comparable Geek Squad services, for example.

    Full article - Get Free Windows PC Tech Support and Malware Removal at Your Local Microsoft Store
    Store locations link -

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    It can't hurt to try, but I'd prefer finding support online or having a trusted, tech-savvy friend look at it first. In theory, they should be experts on their own products, so much of it will depend on the particular agent you are dealing with. If I had a relative that I couldn't get to easily, I'd probably suggest it, because the people at Best Buy's Geek Squad are clueless.
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    Bleeping Computer offers free malware removal. If you want to get help in either of these sub-forums, read the stickied forum rules first and follow them. The malware removal crew won't help people who can't follow rules.

    Am I infected? forum Am I infected? What do I do? Forum -

    Malware removal forum Virus, Trojan, Spyware, and Malware Removal Logs Forum -
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    Quote Originally Posted by DeaconFrost View Post
    If I had a relative that I couldn't get to easily, I'd probably suggest it, because the people at Best Buy's Geek Squad are clueless.
    True that. I had a 8 yr old Toshiba with XP that got a virus I couldn't removed, no matter what. Took to Best Buy and their solution was to reformat it. Like duuuhhhh. I ended up taking it to Staples and they did it for $49 including updates. I dis-believingly said "you'll bring the OS up to present day ?" (8 yrs of updates !) 3 days later, he was finally done. Worth the charge not to have to install updates and restart a hundred times.
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    Not so much interested in the malware/virus removal as the software repair or support such as with the myriad of installation, upgrade or update issues that get posted regularly. I happen to have a store within 15 min, if ever necessary, though I have had this running 8.1 flawlessly for over a year now.
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    Tools used are mostly Microsoft created (internal and public), or paid-for toolsets that they're licensed to use. I can't speak for the efficacy of every employee (and I'm sure there are good and bad employees, quality-wise), but if you've got a store nearby, it would probably be worth it to try.
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Microsoft Store Tech Support
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