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Recommendation for computer brand

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    Recommendation for computer brand

    I've been building my own systems for years, so I'm a bit out of the loop for a brand name computer. A friend wants me to 'order' for him. I've offered to build one, but he seems to prefer manufactured...something with an online configurator with options that can be chosen. He has gone with Dell in the past, but is "over them" now.

    Any quality manufacturers out there? He has money, but doesn't want to spend a bundle.

    I'll likely give him a cost on building one, so while we're at it, any suggestions for a non-power-user motherboard & CPU? I just built one of these for some light chores around my office that I'm impressed with, but it just doesn't have enough USB and sata ports. Very responsive, though (a Gigabyte H81-D3 and a G3420 Pentium), and with the exception of the 'too few' usb ports, a decent performer (the 4 sata ports shouldn't be an issue for the average user).

    1. Reliable, reasonable computer brand (preferably with good tech and warranty support...)
    2. Quality non power user board & CPU.

    Thanks for any ideas .


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    By the Ocean
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    All I can say is don't get Asus.
    ...mine is currently in the shop...tells you how good they are.
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    I have 3 Acers. They have been excellent computers. The only time I had to put one in the shop was when I couldn't get the Windows 8.1 desktop to sleep right, boot up right, and when it was automatically shutting itself down. I worked on it and worked on it. Finally, since it was under warranty, I put it in the shop and hands of Acer and they fixed it.
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    We had a Dell that we had problems with. It was Windows Vista.
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    Most of the major "name" PC builders are about the same, in my opinion. There are "horror stories" from users of all brands and then there are others that never had a problem.

    I do some part-time PC support and my clients have a variety of factory made PC's. None are what I would call a brand to avoid.
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    Quote Originally Posted by fireberd View Post
    Most of the major "name" PC builders are about the same, in my opinion. There are "horror stories" from users of all brands and then there are others that never had a problem.

    I do some part-time PC support and my clients have a variety of factory made PC's. None are what I would call a brand to avoid.

    This is very true. I build my own now, but I have bought 3 HPs in the last couple of years for different members of my family and they are all champions. I highly recommend HP.
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    I build PC's and I strongly recommend Dell for those who want to buy a pre-built system.
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    Thanks to all for your comments. Realistically, since I'll be handling his issues, I'd rather deal with my own builds. So I may put more energy into convincing him to let me build one for him. In fact, since I seem have more and more friends calling me for just this type of thing, I guess I'll do some research on a miiddle-line hardware setup for multiple builds so that I can build, set up and service them simply and easily.

    Again, thanks to all. Very helpful. And if anyone has a favorite motherboard (intel cpu), I'd be glad to hear about it. Thanks!
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    I build all of my "own" computers, but for family and friends I tell them to go buy one off the shelf. I prefer HP laptops (I have an ACER tablet/laptop that I like too) and for desktops, which ever one that floats your boat so to speak. As for as CPU's are concerned, I believe that Intel processors are faster but cost more to boot. When I build one I normally choose AMD due to the CPU costs less and most everyday general users wouldn't know the difference. My 2 cents...
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    I'm also not a fan of PCs from big manufacturers like Dell. They might run fine as long as you don't change anything. But as soon as you want to upgrade something you almost certainly run into troubles since they often use special OEM components which haven't got the same specs as their retail counterparts. There is always the risk of incompatibilities between those OEM parts and the retail ones. If you are supposed to support your friend in the future I0d tell him why you prefer self built PCs. And if he insists I would tell him that if he goes that way he will have to address the manufacturer of the PC for any kind of support.

    The above mentioned does not apply, of course, if the manufacturer of your choice exclusively uses retail parts.
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Recommendation for computer brand
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