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cannot rename blocked files not even with Unlocker 1.9.2

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    cannot rename blocked files not even with Unlocker 1.9.2

    I took pictures with a tablet , the jpg files were downloaded and renamed in a notebook running windows 8;
    Files were sent to me by email , I saved the files in a folder on the disk of my desktop (windows 8);
    As I still have some changes on the file names, I tried to rename them and found that I am Unable to do it ;
    I right clicked some files to find that they were blocked , then I clicked on “unblock “button on general tab to unblock them.

    Very well , I unblocked them and even so some files could not be renamed ;
    Then I right clicked once again and went to properties , this time I chose the tab security , chose edit and gave total control over the file
    (I tried all groups and users);
    Some files could be renamed , but others NO (!) , I press F2 , edit the file name but as I press enter the old name gets back ;
    If I press F2 again, the renamed name comes up ;
    I discovered if I refresh the folder window , then the file shows to be renamed, what it seems to solve the matter ;
    Just before this I downloaded Unlocker 1.9.2 , right clicked to select the unlocker , selected rename , typed the new name to get the following message:
    The object could not be renamed , do you want to perform the requested rename at the next reboot ;
    Not even the Unlocker solved this trouble.
    As there will be new image files coming from the same source I ask what can be done to avoid blocking the file ?
    ps .: strange enough is that I worked with files which came from the tablet , have been renamed on the notebook and this never happened before with such procedures

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    Try using a Linux Live DVD and see if you can go into the tablet and change the permissions on them that way. Only way to do it in Windows, is by activating the real Admin Account.
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    That´s absolutely outlandish : I press F2 , rename the file , press enter : the old name is back !
    IF I refresh the folder windows then the file comes up to be renamed ;
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cannot rename blocked files not even with Unlocker 1.9.2
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