Please read a bit below in my post for my Actual Windows 8.1 problem. The backup is secondary problem that comes after I guess.
Acronis 2015 latest build + windows 8.1 enterprise x 64
I have 2.45 TB backup of my pc in 51 parts stored on my 3TB Sata HDD ( the last 25 parts were stored on my usb hDD but I copied them over to the sata HDD)

I had created this in November and tested and it was verified.

Now I verified the backup and it says it's corrupted, however only after atleast 2.05 TB already has been checked... ( then I walked away from the computer and got back with the error)
Does this mean the first 2.05 Is fine? As that would be fine and save as that is the part where the OS resides in the first 1.36 TB..

Or it may have completed it's check successfully and only reported errors afterwards, instead of immeaditly upon finding errors? In that case the first 2 TB will be fine or not.. if u get what I mean..
Can I still try and restore this backup? Or any way to fix this? Thank you.
Can u even tell which part of the backup is actually the one corrupt in my 51 parts?

Will I able to do a restore backup and skipping the corrupt archive/files? I don't want an unbootable machine.
My current windows 8 system which I made the backup of, is having issues.
Not sure if it's because of a virus or some fault. (when I start a lot of apps I get a 0x0000142 error)

Some apps don't even start anymore or hang, and some still work regardless of the error.
And some apps don't get this error at all.
For example I can't seem to run the CMD command. I tried boot in cmd mode windows 8 and sfc /scannow but it didn't help. Did the antivirus AVG scan, hitman pro, malmwarebytes, spybot, nothing.

This is why I wanted to restore the backup.

A In place repair windows 8 would also save me, but I get the error when trying to run setup:
Something has happened, could not determine if the pc can run windows 8.

And I don't know how to solve it..