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All of a sudden I have to 'run as admin' a lot!

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    All of a sudden I have to 'run as admin' a lot!

    All of a sudden I'm having to run programs and install programs using the right click 'run as admin' command. This is happening on install files it NEVER used to happen on, and today I had to run Quickbooks this way.

    I have two laptops and a MS account. This is happening on both laptops. What setting got changed to make this happen? It's driving me bananas!

    EDIT- come to think of it, this has got to be why my Firefox update will not install! I'll be damned!

    Would this have something to do with a setting in Internet Explorer?

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    No it has something to do with screwed up UAC and/or Security permissons for the OS.
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    Any idea on how to fix this?
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    Now all of a sudden my hard drive is full.
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    Anyone have some insight as to why I'm having to run as admin via the right click all of a sudden, or how to fix it???

    The hard drive issue turned out to be a result of trying to run Quickbooks by a right click on the program icon. It won't run unless I right click and run as admin. If I left click, it freezes, while in the back ground it is loading up my app/temp folder with DB.DLL files. There were over 125,000 of those folders.

    This is also happening on my new laptop that is sharing the same MS account. I don't understand! Also, the bitlocker icon is now in the right click menu at times also. WTH!?! ... lol...... I'm so confused!
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All of a sudden I have to 'run as admin' a lot!
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