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March Update causing high System Interrupts?

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    March Update causing high System Interrupts?

    About 2 or 3 days ago I've been having a problem with my Acer desktop which is running Windows 8.1. Whenever I move my mouse I get huge spikes in System Interrupts which causes an unbearable amount of lag. The only way that I have found to temporarily fix this is to unplug my mouse from the USB drive and plug it back in.

    After about 20-30 minutes though the error slowly comes back, the usage will be at about 10% after 10 minutes everytime I move my mouse then after about 20 minutes it gets to an unbearable 20%. And so on. I have even tried using a different mouse, one wireless and the other optical. The problem persists on both Mice.

    Now I am quite confident that the new update has caused this error. I have been finding that many other people are experiencing the same error that I am having and yet no one has a solution and many of the staff are trying to blame something else, such as Malware. Now I know this is complete crap because

    1. I barely recieved my desktop 3 weeks ago and has worked perfectly fine until just a few days ago.
    2. I barely even use the desktop, all I use it for is YouTube and Minecraft. I don't look up porn or go into any suspicious websites on it, I do all of that on my laptop.
    3. I have many programs to protect my desktop on it from stuff such as viruses, and even keep all the drivers updated, defrags, etc. All of the programs I have on my Desktop are also on my laptop, yet on my laptop I download porn and all that bad shiz.

    So why is it that my laptop is still running perfectly fine even though I've had it for 2 years and my brand new Desktop is being laggy to the point to where it's unusable? Because my Laptop is running Windows 7 and did not get the March Update. So the reason why I went into so much detail in it being strictly the update is that obviously I need a way to fix it. I was planning on giving this desktop to my Mom but there's no point in giving her something that will seem broken after 20 minutes of use.

    So, since anyone that's reading this now knows that the issue IS Windows 8.1 March Update, does anyone actually have a real solution? And again, please, do not tell me to run Malwarebytes, or to check my CPU because "I may have other programs running" or tell me to update drivers. It is not any of those things, it is a glitch in the March Update. If there's a way to uninstall this March Brickdate, please let me know. I have not set any backup dates to rollback to so I don't know if I can uninstall this update without having to do a Factor Reset, which I really do not want to do.

    So any actual useful information will be greatly appreciated. And thank you to anyone who tries to help. For those of you that are having the same error as I am having, I hope this helped you understand where the error is actually coming from rather than going through all this BS that isn't helping.

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    March updates were quite a big bundle, I think just over 30 from memory. You can remove (uninstall) the updates but its a last option. Other options would be to try system restore and pick a date when you knew all was working OK or to try W8.1's 'refresh' feature.

    How to refresh, reset or restore your PC - Windows Help

    Removing an update - Windows Help
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    So many people had this same problem it is not even funny. Press ctrl alt delete, then clcik on task manager. Under processes scroll down until you see Intel Technology Access. Right clcik on it and then end task. Your mouse will start working right away.
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March Update causing high System Interrupts?
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