I have a Windows 8.1 system running a Haswell Intel Core i3 and an Asrock H88 motherboard hooked up to a Samsung HDTV.

No matter which vendor's video card I use, installing graphics drivers will cause it to crash back to the start screen. There's no BSOD or any indication Windows realized a crash occurred, it just boots me back to the desktop.

This has occurred with the Intel integrated graphics, two nvidia cards (750ti and 970 gtx), and one AMD card (R7 260x). It happens everytime I attempt to install a graphics driver. Certain features of the graphics driver (ie, enabling/disabling stereoscopic 3d) will also cause the crash.

If I reboot into safe mode, I can install the graphics drivers. Then the system will boot up and proceed to crash to the desktop after several log in attempts, before finally settling with the graphics drivers apparently installed. Generally, all graphics driver settings will be reset when this happens.

I've tried various driver cleaning tools to remove all trashes of existing drivers, but the issue still occurs.