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Drop in performance/ mouse stuttering after about 20 min

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    Windows 8.1

    Quick update, It seems that the lag happens only when I'm moving my mouse and it stutters, I was watching some youtube videos right now to pass the time and noticed the audio would go very choppy or stop whenever I moved my mouse.

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    Quote Originally Posted by David Bailey View Post
    Run this batch file as administrator.
    It might help.

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    thanks, but nothing. It seems the problem only occurs while I'm moving my mouse.
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    Another update, it seems to only happen with my wired mouse as I was using my touchpad to so some work and noticed it didn't studder.
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    Can you test with another mouse? And, I think within CTL-PNL --> Mouse, you might be able to make some tweaks. And concerning earlier post of mine mentioning monitoring/security programs' configurations -- if you haven't changed any settings prior to the sudden mouse stuttering, probably not the cause.
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    Hi Guys, I've got exactly the same problem OP has.

    Aspire V3-772G
    i7-4702MQ 2.2 Ghz
    Nvidia Geforce Gt 750M
    8 GGB DDR3 L
    120GB SSD (runing Windows 8 and AutoCAD)
    1 TB HDD (storage and most software)

    I noticed the problem yesterday, when I move my mouse sound distorts, it also causes lag in youtube video, vlc video, video games, everything. It doesn't matter if I use speakers or headphones.

    The thing is, sound only lags by moving a mouse that's plugged into the USB ports. Using the touchpad causes no issues.

    I've already replaced the physical mouse, the problems remain.

    Will try system restore to last week now.
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    Netherlands says it's happening with his too, the problem is definitely not isolated.

    So the mouse stutter ceases when using the onboard touch pad, but the performance is still below average?
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    Windows 8

    The performance was only affected by an external mouse. The touch pad gave no issues.

    I managed to solve the problem with the system restore. I suggest OP does the same.

    Is there any way with a system restore to check which program/update/thing was causing the problem?
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    as I was searching the internet for "my problem I stumbled upon this your thread and since the thread was started around the time I experienced this problem I hope they are somewhat related, did you download this game by any chance : Ori and the Blind Forest CODEX ? Because after I restarted my pc it began to stutter when I moved my mouse as well.. if it isn't related I'd still like some help if possible.
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    8.1 64bit

    Same issue, roll back did no help in my case..
    Anyone care to read please?
    Aspire U5 - PC lagging + audio buzzing - Acer Community
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    8.1 64bit

    Up. =(
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Drop in performance/ mouse stuttering after about 20 min
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