Hi All, here's my second hardware issue.

I have installed Windows 8 CP on a separate hard drive. This hard drive originally contained 3 partitions. This drive came with the OEM Vista as a part of the original Dell (now all gone, except for the drive ), therefore there is some
small "OEM reserved" partition, and two other, one was system and one was data. The system partition contained Vista, but now it was wiped clean and re-formatted in the process of installing Windows 8. Now it is the remaining partition that is the problem. Windows 8 does not recognize it. It tells me it needs to be formatted ("the volume does not contain a recognized file system"). However, when I use Windows 7 on the same machine (booted from another drive), then there is no problem with this partition, all data can be accessed without any problems, the partition is formatted to NTFS and so on).

Any idea what might be a problem?