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Could Deleting PrintConfig.dll Cause atikmpag.sys BOSD?

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    Could Deleting PrintConfig.dll Cause atikmpag.sys BOSD?

    Basically what the thread title says.

    AVG 2015 deleted PrintConfig.dll Thursday night (it appears there's multiple PrintConfig.dll's installed: this one was from C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\SPOOL\DRIVERS\X64\3\). Friday night, while watching youtube videos, I suffered the first of two atikmpag.sys BOSD crashes. The computer recovered fine the first time, and I assumed it was just a random error that wouldn't happen again, but I was wrong. It happened again the next night while doing the same thing, but this time when it rebooted my audio wasn't working and my control panel refused to open, even after multiple reboots and a complete shut down (though everything else seemed to be just fine). Obviously, those are bad things, so I ran a system recovery and that has fixed everything (I've also reinstalled all the same programs with no errors). Probably also worth mentioning that I got this laptop 2 weeks ago, so it's new and had very little installed.

    Sadly, it doesn't appear the recovery action saved the minidump files, so I don't have those available, and since I seem to have solved the problem, it's not really that big a deal. I'd just like to have some piece of mind that my suspicion could be/is true so I'm not walking on eggshells waiting for it to crash again.

    PS. Not sure if this should be posted in one of the other forums. I don't think it does, hence why I've posted it here.

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    If you Google Search PrintConfig.dll you will find several references regarding others with same or similar problems and the common denominator is AVG reporting a false positive with regards to PrintConfig.dll avg. From what I read this is likely your problem. I don't think it is your PC but an issue with AVG.

    Here is just one of many references.

    Need help with AVG Detection [Solved] - Windows - Antivirus / Security / Privacy
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    Alright, had this happen again over the weekend. This time, I was able to solve the problem without a recover. Here's what I've found out:

    1) The problem seems to be limited to Firefox. I used Explorer to see if it was and it worked in situations where Firefox failed.

    2) There's two ways this problem showed itself. First, if running Firefox/Flash with hardware acceleration on, it causes the bluescreen crash noted in my OP. If hardware acceleration is off, the computer simply hangs with no error reports.

    3) Since the above makes it clear it's a flash problem, this largely occurs when watching videos. However, that said, I had minimal issues using Youtube while I suffered repeated, never fail crashes using Yahoo with hardware acceleration off (with hardware acceleration on, it would load fine).

    3a) When visiting Yahoo, if I hit the stop button just after the page initializes, it doesn't hang. This would appear to suggest that the problem is within something being loaded from whatever website causes the hang.

    4) With hardware acceleration on, it seemed like crashes happened only with multiple tabs open and one loading media (I had a crash both while running a youtube video and doing a google search and while looking at message boards and loading a jpg image from a google search, but it seems fine if I had two message board tabs open).

    As for how I fixed it, it appears a Win8.1 update for IE10 Flash is at fault (KB3044132). I remembered seeing it with my last batch of updates and realized it might have been at fault, especially considering it once again took 2 weeks for the problems to start. After uninstalling it and rebooting, all the above had stopped. I still think deleting PrintConfig above caused additional problems, mostly because my control panel and audio never failed even after repeated hangs and BSoDs, but it now appears the above update plus Firefox plus AMD video cards equal bad things.

    Hopefully this helps someone else who has similar problems as me.
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Could Deleting PrintConfig.dll Cause atikmpag.sys BOSD?
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