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8.1 Security-SPP event wakes my HDDs every few hours

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    8.1 Security-SPP event wakes my HDDs every few hours

    Hi, I got Windows 8.1 Pro installed, it is activated (using a regular, private MSDN key, not some ebay key) and I notice that there are several Security-SPP events in event log every few hours, the time between events seems to vary (1-4 hours, sometimes just 30 minutes).

    Everytime it happens it spins up my HDDs (I have 2 USB boxes attached that go to sleep if not accessed for 5 minutes).

    There is also Office 2013 installed (also legit, private MSDN key).

    Is it normal that this event occurs that often? I tried deactivating the Software Protection service (set start to 4 via registry and reboot) but then Windows moaned about not being activated after a few hours and Excel wouldn't start at all anymore...
    Now reactivated service and everything is "activated" again, however of course the evets are also there again and my HDDs are woken up by it everytime also....

    Is it normal that this service is run that often?

    And is it normal that it wakes up my HDDs?

    I can't believe that no one complained about this yet, basically this kills your HDDs if they spin up and down 20 times a day just because MS thinks that they need to check some licensing status 100 times a day and for god knows what reason need to wake up all HDDs when doing so.

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    Windows 10 Pro 64 bit

    I have office 2010. It does the same thing every 2 hours.

    Click image for larger version
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8.1 Security-SPP event wakes my HDDs every few hours
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