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Help! No keyboard/mouse on 8.1 and rootkit alert!

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    Penn's Forest
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    Win8.1 Pro | Win10TP Pro - boot to VHD

    Popeye's suggestion is excellent! If you are successful creating the portable Win8.1, then you should grab your data and store it on an external drive until this gets resolved. The easiest thing to do is a straight copy of folders and files - just your personal data (documents, music, pictures, videos, etc). Don't worry about the things that are easily recreated (downloaded files, ripped music...) unless you have the time and space.

    You could also protect your personal data using Win10, either way. But you'll need the portable Win8.1 or some other booted Windows to run the malware scanners.

    A rootkit is the worst malware out there, many security experts won't bother trying to repair a system once infected. The choice is yours, spend the time trying to eradicate the malware or just bite the bullet and restore the system using the install media you already created
    ... after backing up your data.

    If you decide to try to clean the system, start with these tools

    These utilities only remove the malware, they do not repair the damage done. If they are able to clean up the malware, then different methods will need to correct the missing required partition or missing OS. It might be that the malware is messing around and blocking the boot code - not sure.

    You're doing great - thanks for translating the screens. Your English is far better than my Portuguese, Brazilian or otherwise


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    Windows 8.1

    Popeye and Slartybart, does that mean I will be able to install the malware scanners on the Windows 8.1 system that will be on the USB drive, then run both system and scanners from the USB to try to fix the Windows 8.1 system that is on the PC hard drive?

    It sounds a bit confusing to me... Sorry!


    Today I used that Windows 8.1 DVD I created and got that message: An operating system wasn't found, etc.

    Then I tried the recovery USB drive to have access to Windows 10 TP and it worked well again, I'm using 10 TP right now to write this post.

    But to my surprise, the drive where I could see the Windows 8.1 system with all its folders the other day now shows only two items: a folder named WINDOWS and a blank text document named Recovery. The content of that WINDOWS folder is this:

    Click image for larger version

    I didn't mention this before, but I have three hard drives in this PC, and prior to all this problem, when things were working right, they were listed this way:

    Disk 1 (C:) - Windows 8.1
    Disk 2 (D:) - A simple files repository
    Disk 3 (E:) - Windows 10 TP

    Now this is what I see:

    Disk 3 (C:) - Windows 10 TP
    Disk 2 (D:) - A simple files repository
    Local Disk (E:) - The one with the WINDOWS folder and the Recovery.txt
    RECUPERAÇÃO (F:) - "Recuperação" means Recovery. This is the recovery USB drive I'm using to try to fix the problem.

    Well, I'm now absolutely scared at how things went so far beyond my understanding!

    Any idea what to do now?

    Meanwhile, I'm gonna run the suggested malware tools to see what happens.

    The Kaspersky TDSSKiller won't install on W10 TP. The installation got stuck at 40% for ages...
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    Windows 8.1

    As if it wasn't strange enough... Take a look at these images...

    Click image for larger version
    F8 anf F9 didn't work, nothing happened when they were hit. Enter ended taking me back to the very same screen.

    Click image for larger version
    This is what happened when I tried to run Windows 8.1 from the USB drive (made with WinToUSB).

    Click image for larger version
    This is what appeared when I hit F10 for boot options (instead of F2).

    Well, I think we can now have some conclusions:

    1 - Something really really bad happened to the Windows 81. system – or maybe to its hard drive?*
    2 - There is no way to get it back using the ordinary means I've tried so far.
    3 - I'll have to install it again from scratch.
    4 - If it was a malware case, AVG Internet Security 2015 and UnHackMe didn't do their work.

    * I thought of hard drive damage after seeing the last screen above. It shows that the hard drive where Windows 8.1 is/was installed – a 1 TB HD – is now 000.2 GB in size? What the heck?
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    Windows 8.1

    I decided to reinstall Windows 8.1 from scratch and to get rid of Windows 10 TP at the same time. So I installed W8.1 on the HD where I had W10 installed. Then I formatted the HD where the problematic W8 was installed.

    All went well with the new W8.1 installation, and I now have this running copy of the OS, with the expected Windows.old folder (30+ GB). I used the key I purchased when I upgraded from Windows 7 Pro to Windows 8 Pro (saved on a Gmail e-mail).

    But I still have some problems.

    Whenever I try to boot normally, that is, with the default boot BIOS options (system hard drive first and stuff) I get that message saying an perating system wasn't found. The only way I can start the newly installed W8 is booting from that recovery USB drive I created before.

    On the screen this USB drive shows me I'm asked to choose from one of these two: Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 Technical Preview! Remember? I installed W8 an supposedly got rid of the latter!

    But wait, there's more! If I choose Windows 8.1 from that screen menu I simply get a black screen with no message on it. So I have to reboot by turning the PC off and back on.

    Now if I choose Windows 10 Technical Preview... I get Windows 8.1!

    But this is nothing compared to what comes next...

    For some reason I have no idea what, I just can't boot normally, I'm stuck to that recovery USB drive. And if I set the BIOS to allow boot from the USB first, it won't work (F2). I have to start it via F10 to choose the USB drive manually from the menu.

    If I try to boot with regular boot order (system HD first) I get this screen:

    Click image for larger version

    So I started from the DVD I used to install W8 and...

    Click image for larger version
    It says Startup Repair can't repair the system and provides a path for a log file.

    I couldn't find the path it shows. Instead, I found the mentioned file in a folder called Temp. If you can use that file to bring some light to the case, I can make it available for download somewhere, just let me know.

    I guess from all that craze there's something wrong with one HD or some partition stuff... maybe hardware? I ran CheckDiskGUI from W10 when I still had it installed and it found no problem on the previous W8.1 HD, I mean, no bad sectors and all.

    Well, since I couldn't have all my programs back in some easy way and will have to reinstall them all, I now ask you to please focus only on what is happening that I can't boot normally. I guess it's something with that \Boot\BCD file, but I'm not sure.

    Thanks again for your attention and patience.

    Oh, the good news is that my keyboard and mouse are working again on W8.1...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Paultx View Post
    Last Saturday I checked for new drivers with DriverMax Pro and started to download/install updates for two Intel-related devices (can't remember which they were now).

    At a certain point of the installation of these new drivers Windows warned that the program had stopped working and offered the options "Check online for a solution and close the program" and "Close the program".

    To my surprise, Windows 8.1 itself was frozen too... So I pressed the power button to turn the PC off. Then I turned it on again just to find the keyboard and mouse not working after the SO starts–they're OK while booting, only when Windows starts they go away.

    But things got worse after I tried another turn off/turn on move: UnHackMe showed a warning about the Vanquish rootkit!

    Please, help me!
    Get Back to basic's get your install ISO from MS you have already been linked to this. Get your MB drivers from the MB manufacture Support Website. Get any other hardware drivers you need from the manufactures website! Hopefully you have your important data back up. Run AV Malware scans on that back up data. Use Disk part to clean your disk's and reinstall with known to be safe Window Install media, and Known to be safe drivers. Install you choice of Known to be Good AV Antimalware program update windows. Install your software. I'm not going to get into what good AV Antimalware are. I use Norton Internet Security and Malware bytes Pro and my brain. Sometime the auto reflex will click on the link I shouldn't have and either one or both of these programs have saved me every time. There cost are cheap for what they do and the aggravation of trying to deal with Virus/Malware etc.
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    Quote Originally Posted by KYHI View Post
    DriverMax Pro

    I would not even consider that a reliable source..
    I second this, why take a chance using something like this when you can get the drivers you need from the manufactures directly risking nothing.
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    Windows 8.1

    Maybe this can solve the latest issues I've reported here?

    Use Bootrec.exe in the Windows RE to troubleshoot startup issues
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    Windows 8.1

    I solved the problem reinstalling Windows 8.1 from scratch, but had new issues in the process, as reported before.

    The solution came when I searched for the \boot\bcd thing. It can be found here: Use Bootrec.exe in the Windows RE to troubleshoot startup issues

    Even after that I still couldn't boot Windows 8.1 perfectly. The final solution was to change HD disks order in the BIOS boot options.

    Thank you all.
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Help! No keyboard/mouse on 8.1 and rootkit alert!
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