Sometimes when I'm using my PC, a massive load (say, 100 or so) of tasks suddenly pop up in the task bar including tabs that shouldn't even be tabs, and this causes issues like windows on screen that don't respond to clicking or attempting to close them. These tasks are usually background processes running on the computer, for example Nvidia drivers or Corsair keyboard/mouse drivers.

This problem also disables typing and clicking in other tabs and stops me from opening up the start menu, although Ctrl+Alt+Del still responds correctly. Finally, if I manage to close most tabs one of the only tabs left will be an Adaware warning window, with the dialogue "Blocked 15 threats", which it won't list, and "iexplorer.exe is attempting to access the internet", even though I have disabled Internet Explorer on this PC.

I am running Windows 8.1 with virtually all updates, hardware should all be fine as it's relatively new. If anyone has any idea what might cause this help would be appreciated. I have run both AdAware full scan and Malware Bites antimalware full scan and no malicious content found.