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Computer hangs up during restart

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    Computer hangs up during restart

    So recently my computer remained at the restart screen and never restarted. It stayed that way for a very long period until I finally just force restarted the PC. I am attaching the files.

    I was having issue with the Amazon Music desktop player and had just uninstalled the program when I decided to reinstall the PC to clear any residue. It was then that the PC just remained at the restart screen with the circle ring spinning as though the restart was still in process.

    If anyone can help with this issue I would greatly appreciate it.

    In addition to this problem I can't ever seem to have my computer go to sleep mode for a long time. It always tends to go to sleep mode then after a few minutes it resumes and stays on. Example if I go away from my computer and is idle it goes to sleep for about maybe 10 minutes then it resumes on its own and stays on. Any ideas as to why this happens?

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    Disable all startup items and try again. Try performing a clean boot. Something is obviously preventing your PC from restarting.
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Computer hangs up during restart
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