lately i have had agonizingly slow page access and picture and PDF loads.

I am running 8.1 its only access to certain pages and it takes forever for some to load

about the same time i started to have this problem i also started having problems with my windows live mail. when i try to access my accounts sometimes it will hold on an account and just freeze stopping and trying again usually works but sometimes i have to wait.

I suspected Windows updates as i have had similar problems before. Currently i am up to date with Windows Updates.

a search indicated that AVAST was an incompatibility with some of the new windows update KB files bt i run AVG after uninstalling and activating Windows Defender the problem seemed to be SOMEWHAT better but still problematic. (I also use malwarebytes paid software)

I tried to reinstall and run Secunia PSI to check and update all my programs including flash etc. but PSI no longer runs on my machine since i am using windows 8 for some reason.

any suggestions?