lately i have been having problems with my win 8.1 computer

page access all of a sudden is extremely slow and pictures on pages take forever to load have had similar problems with pdf files

I month or so ago i thought one of the windows updates for the month was causing the problem and uninstalled it and it seemed to run better following month i think it came back to haunt me but wasn't all that bad i forgot to write down the suspected KB file.

I poked around and some sites referred to a conflict with AVAST i dont use that i use AVG so i uninstalled that. (I also have paidware malwarebytes) after eliminating AVG it seemed to be somewhat better although not really good. I turned on windows defender and now using that.

My Windows updates are up to date

I used to use Secunia PSI to update all my programs including the Adobe flash etc but it doesn't run anymore on this 8.1 upgrade. (yes i have reinstalled and tried)

around the same time i have had trouble with my windows live mail (4 accounts) when it accesses and checks its lightening quick very often it stalls on an account and doesn't access usually i just stop hide and redo and it runs through if it has the same stall, i wait a bit and it goes through. I seem to feel here that its probably a related problem.